Bulk Bag Eucalyptus + Mint

Experience Ultimate Refreshment with Our Bulk Eucalyptus & Mint (Menthol) Shower Steamers!

Elevate your daily shower ritual with our 14-piece bulk bag, offering a harmonious blend of eucalyptus and menthol. 

Key Features:

    • Organic Eucalyptus Essence: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic aroma of eucalyptus.
    • Cooling Menthol Kick: Each tablet is enriched with natural menthol, delivering a revitalizing and cooling touch to your shower experience.
    • Proudly Made in the USA: Crafted with care in the USA, ensuring premium quality ingredients, like organic and all natural essential oils.
    • Pure and Wholesome: Our dedication is to provide a product devoid of Talc, SLS, Parabens, and other undesirable additives. Pure indulgence, zero compromises.
    • Cruelty-Free & Planet-Friendly: Our promise is a sustainable product that respects the environment and all its inhabitants. Enjoy guilt-free relaxation.
    • Bulk bat for Extended Bliss: 14 aromatic steamers in one box, ensure your showers are always a soothing escape.
  • Congestion Relief: The blend of eucalyptus and mint (menthol) is not just for relaxation. Experience natural congestion relief that will help clear nasal passages, making it a must-have during cold and allergy seasons.

How to Experience the Magic:

  1. Select Your Steamer: Begin by choosing a tablet from the bag.
  2. Find the Ideal Spot: Position the tablet on the shower floor, ensuring it's splashed by water but not directly under the stream.
  3. Step In and Transform: As the water activates the steamer, let the aromatic fusion of eucalyptus and Mint (menthol) envelop you, turning your shower into a refreshing space.